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The concept of ecology in the media is becoming increasingly common to hear and read. There, the word now occurs in various contexts, what see readers and listeners increasingly ensures confusion.
Hardly anyone can imagine something concrete this term, or is the connection between the actually completely different topic areas right away. And yet, ecology in almost all areas of our lives has a high importance, contemplating, if we want a good life in the coming years on our planet.

Originally the ecology represents a portion of biology, which deals with the interactions of all living things with each other. Important, it is to know that, in this context, the word is life for humans and animals as well as plants and micro-organisms.
At the same time the ecology but also deals with the interactions of just these creatures and the blank environment include among others the soil, the climate and water. It is thus essential to the existence of life on our planet.
Off all contexts relating to ecological, is therefore seen our so-called eco-system, the functioning already suffering from various disorders of just this interaction.

To the existing ecosystem, which is the Foundation of our life, to understand and to be able to promote, divides the ecology on their issues in three areas, from whose resulting necessary measures in various spheres of life, the under speaks a wide variety of topics touching.

This ecologists proceed step by step, and start at the smallest form of ecology. This so called car ecology deals mainly with interactions of very small individual organisms and their environment, which first conclusions on their dependence on leave from their habitat.
The second step, the population ecology, already extend these observations to something, and takes groups of individual organisms. Here are especially flora and fauna the focus of researchers, which are expecting from the behaviour of a group over another, conclusions about the capabilities of our ecosystem.
Ecology touched our human habitat, however, only in the third step. Here our entire Habitat examines at the Synökologie mentioned approach, to be able to draw conclusions about the interactions within a diverse community. The aim of this question is to find answers to important environmental and social issues, which provide a comprehensive protection of our habitat.

Just for this reason, WINS this field of research an ever greater importance in our daily lives, and can now also transferred into other areas.
This distinction is primarily between the large main topics, animal ecology, plant ecology, marine ecology, Freshwater Ecology, the Mainland ecology, molecular ecology and finally the human ecology, the up front especially with the human habitat employs, and the interactions of the people examined in itself with its environment.
This finds especially in the last few years the ecology also getting faster access to our everyday life, and is now also in politics, the economy and energy policy application, where it is intended that a good concept for the protection Earth to develop.

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