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Density probability law

Continuous random Variable


A) An online clothing sales site establishes the sales balance by size. The histogram below summarizes this balance sheet.

of the discreet… X is defined as the random variable that gives the desired size by a connected client. X takes its values as a whole {34; 35; 36;…; 47; 48} For example, p (x = 40) = 0.16 and P (x = 45) = 0.04. We still have: P (37 ≤ X ≤ 40) = 0.43.
… the curve of an F-function approaching the histogram is plotted. This function is called density function. In this case, we consider the random variable Y that gives the desired size by the connected client. Y takes its values in the interval [34; 48]. Y is a continuous random variable.

The probability P (37 ≤ Y ≤ 40) corresponds to the area under the curve of the function f between the lines of equation x = 37 and x = 40.

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