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Food Chains

This means a transfer of chemically bound solar energy from primary producers over consumers of different levels to the decomposers. It is performed by repeatedly feeding and food are.

Food chain schematic:

  • Producers (especially plants) use photosynthesis by sunlight
  • Glucose-, fat, and protein production-> flow to consumers of first-order
  • -> Allocated consumers of second and higher order consumers of first-order (herbivores)
  • Consumers of higher-order (meat eaters)
  • dead biomass
  • corrosive organisms (decomposers):
    waste of organisms process for minerals
  • Mineral substances flow to producers

Food chain Antarctica:

  • Unicellular algae: on the underside of the ice
    in sunlight photo synthesis
  • Glucose, fat – and protein production
  • accrue to consumers of first-order:
  • ->…-> Process krill, including consumers penguins, squid, seals, biomass-> bacteria, fungi, dead…->…-> Orca, killer whale, sea Leopard, wastes of organisms to minerals

Krill “Whale food” (first consumer):

Krill is a small cancer that finding is only in schools.
There are about 125 million tons of krill in the Southern Ocean around.
The krill is the main food of many whales, seals…

The eggs are laid in the open sea. The eggs fall in to a depth of up to 2000 metres, thus they are protected from predators. After the larvae are hatched, they swim back to the surface of the water. This can take up to a month. They swim back towards the coast and eating up reserves so that they survive the winter.

Thus, the food chain cycle begins.

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