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Renewable Energy

Renewable energies are the most important power source in Germany and their development a central pillar of the energy revolution. Our energy supply will be climate-friendly and make us simultaneously less dependent on imported of fossil fuels, power and fuels.

The power supply in Germany is “green” year after year. The share of renewables in electricity consumption is constantly growing: from six percent in 2000 to 36 percent in 2017. By the year 2025, 40 to 45 percent of the electricity consumed in Germany should come from renewable energy. Thus it provides the renewable energy sources Act (short “EEG”).

The energy of the energy revolution

Wind and solar energy are the most important renewable energy sources. In addition, biomass and hydropower will make a valuable contribution to sustainable energy supply.

  • Solar energy: In photovoltaic systems, solar cells convert the Sun’s rays directly into electricity. New solar systems are now the cheapest renewable energy technologies. More than 1.6 million photovoltaic systems were the second largest share of electricity generation systems for renewable energy, followed by the wind energy on land end of 2017 with about 43 gigawatts of power.
  • Wind energy plays a leading role in the expansion of renewable energies. On land and at sea she has now accounted for about 16 percent of German electricity production. At the end of the year 2017 5.407 megawatts were in Germany (MW) wind power at sea on the net. By the year 2030, a capacity of 15,000 MW to the grid should be according to the plans of the Federal Government.
  • Biomass is used in solid, liquid and gaseous form of electricity and heat generation and the deployment of biofuels. Within the renewable energy, biomass with 24 percent contribute to generating electricity, 87 percent to the final energy consumption for heating and cooling and 88 per cent to the final energy consumption in the transport sector.

Since the July 3, 2017 , the new forms SMARD information platform near real-time developments on the electricity market – also for renewable energies. SMARD prepares the data transparent, understandable and clear. Thus can some groups track with smart the progress of the energy revolution at any time. Also extensive functions for in-depth analysis are available for experts.

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Results from the tender to the renewable energies Act

First results of the tenders for the expansion of wind power and photovoltaic EEG 2014 and 2017 EEG confirm the reforms as important steps on the way to a successful energy transition. The average surcharge values have dropped for all types of production. Sample photovoltaic: Tenders can significantly decrease the average funding level for ground-mounted plants.

High implementation rates for ground-mounted photovoltaic from the first five rounds of the competition averaging about 95 per cent indicating that the accepted projects are usually realized.
EEG 2017 stipulates for the first time a pilot project in addition to the technology-specific calls for proposals in which by 2018 to including 2020 photovoltaic and wind turbines on land together are written out. The various technologies compete as each other.

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