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The Body Moving Method

Awareness of your body and your life compensation and support to the current quality of time a simple exercise method that simultaneously connects many topics that make you physically and spiritually moving.

I have developed this method in the awareness that only a combination of different topics and areas result integrity.  But may tend to be noticeably easier form – the effect then may be all the greater.

Examples of this interaction are:

  • Know how, is not enough. You can feel it, observed in images, and thus understand.
  • It’s movement with depth effect – which fascia ENT glue, new internal body connections will be possible again. At the same time a physical and also mental relaxation and but also a new inner activation for everyday life, resulting in the depth.
  • Whatever time current issues for the body include in each exercise your body in today’s time quality urgently needed – any period holds in other topics.
  • Physical detection and physical awareness have precedence over thinking, and exactly this but in turn provides connection between body and brain.
  • Through this method, understand and feel how your body with everyday life is connected, how can interfere with each other or support bodies and everyday life. Thus a more flexible thinking and action in your daily life is created through these exercises at the same time.
  • It is a method that you can do well at home to “Come down” – the goal is however, not only the physical exercises of rendering, but the consciousness from middle to apply in everyday life.
  • With this method, your body of moving, fascia will be a ENT sticking joints of free organs again active,… on the other hand, at the same time everyday topics are conscious like E.g. more overview to stress-free to act, not to the outside lose, but to stay in any situation at the same time with himself, stagnation to solve (mentally), not only in the thinking and wishes to stay, but to get into doing, daily pace and timing to improve.

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